Video Game Violence & Misogyny: A Brief History of Media Scares

Video Game Violence & Misogyny: A Brief History of Media Scares

Not only is it common for new entertainment mediums to be used as strawman for the violence and sexism in society, but it’s highly profitable to do so.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Analysis | Beyond Pictures

Spider-Man is one of the world’s most endearing comic book characters – and perhaps the most mocked superhero movie franchise. From the Sam Raimi trilogy to Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man films, and from Tobey Maguire…

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Professional Victimhood and Yellow Gaming Journalism

How first-world problems, professional victimhood and yellow gaming journalism has amalgamated into a profitable industry.


Poor Ports, Respectable Remakes, and Final Fantasy XIII Futanari Fiascos

With the poor PC port of FFXIII it’s like SquareEnix is trying to ram Lightning’s dick down our throats. Cue the Final Fantasy XIII futanari jokes here.

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The More Things Change | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #8

They say that “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. Some prefer “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

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The Fine Young Capitalists – Small Steps and Giant Leaps (#GamerGate)

CineMax and LaughingMan are glad to have put their money where their mouths are by supporting The Fine Young Capitalists

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Internet Hacks SELL OUT! – Support CheshireCatStudios on Patreon

Cheshire Cat Studios is finally selling out ! And we’re giving the reins of power to you, the people (via Patreon)! LaughingMan and CineMax pair up to bring you folks the latest bit of news:…

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The Price of (Internet) Fame | Cheshire Cat Studios Webcomic #7

While the CCS gang is tickled pink with its new-found popularity, they also discover that ‘Internet fame’ might not be all that it’s cranked up to be.

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Cheshire Cat Studios Interviewed by The Drakkarium

Cheshire Cat Studios Interviewed by The Drakkarium. Merlot Williams invites three CCS members to an interview session in the latest ‘Geek of All Trades’ podcast.

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Guillermo del Toro and ‘At the Mountains of Madness': A Reality? | CCS After Hours

Lovecraft material isn’t often that suited for the silver screen, but if anyone could pull it off it would be Guillermo Del Toro.

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The Bleak Future of Spider-Man Movies: Please Stop, Sony | CCS After Hours

Spider-Man. Once one of the world’s most beloved superheroes and a posterboy for Marvel Comics; the character has now become nothing short of a joke. His current comic-book run has been hijacked by self-centered fanboys turned writers writing self-insertion power fantasies, and the less said about Spidey’s adventures on the big screen the better…